ESG Statement

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At MiQ we have a commitment to acting responsibly and sustainably across all of the activities we undertake as part of our business. Our planet and communities require us to transition to a more sustainable and inclusive method of working. Engaging with a range of stakeholders, we aim to promote our approach to acting responsibly to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges to support the transition to a sustainable and inclusive society. MiQ’s goal is to be a leader in responsible and sustainable business practices.

Our approach to ESG is demonstrated through our improvements in sustainability as part of our business practices. We try to operate transparently and take responsibility in what we do as a business while encouraging our clients to adopt responsible ways of working. Below outlines our objectives to achieve

Environmental Actions

At MiQ we’re targeting ways to minimize our carbon footprint and achieve climate goals and commitments. The focus is to work closely with agencies and brands to execute carbon neutral digital advertising campaigns. The aim is to measure, report, reduce and offset carbon emissions across the supply chain, helping customers make carbon-aware decisions regarding their digital advertising spend:

  1. Act on climate change by making environment sustainability a key focus area for our business
  2. Create opportunity for our clients to spend responsibly and understand the carbon footprint of their campaigns
  3. Continuously improve our processes and procedures to achieve net zero carbon emissions on Scopes 1, 2 and 3 by 2030

Social Actions

At MiQ, we believe in over-delivering for our people. We continuously engage with our employees to ensure that our values translate into actions. We encourage communication, engagement and fostering an open and inclusive workplace. We invest in our people and their working environment by creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment to ensure ongoing professional development by:

  1. Relentlessly focussing on being inclusive every day and promoting a diverse and equitable work environment
  2. Encouraging transparency through an Open Door culture for employees to feel empowered to speak up
  3. Fostering employee engagement and community connection through volunteering

Our objectives are to encourage mutual trust and understanding where we respect one another and each other’s individual rights and customs. 

Governance Actions

At MiQ we aim to promote a strong governance and robust risk and compliance policy. Our procedures and systems are to be followed by all within our business to encourage high levels of personal, and professional, integrity by:

  1. Fostering accountable governance throughout the business with policies that keep our people and our business safe
  2. Maintaining high ethical and safety standards at all times 
  3. Protecting and securing both our own and our clients’ data

We deliver ongoing mandatory training to all employees to maintain our compliance across our business. We will not enter into, or maintain, relationships with individuals or organisations engaged in, or suspected of being involved in, illegal or activities which go against our Human Rights Policy. Furthermore, we ensure that clients, third parties and individuals that we conduct business with adhere in accordance with our anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption policies.   

Lee Puri