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If you’ve already got a few years’ experience in programmatic trading under your belt and you’re looking for an opportunity to accelerate your career – and your earnings – then we want to hear from you today. Every day, we’re living our mission to be the best in the business for delivering high-performance campaigns for our clients. Our team of super-smart, ambitious traders are at the absolute center of that.

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Better tech, better support, bigger opportunities

Being a programmatic trader at MiQ is like nowhere else. Our approach – and our technology – is agnostic, meaning we can work with more DSPs, more inventory sources, and more datasets than anywhere else, so you can find insights and make decisions no one else would think of.

At MiQ, you’re better supported than anywhere else in the industry. You can let your creativity loose, building, testing and optimizing strategies using our proprietary trading platforms, with a team of data scientists, analysts, and other traders all ready to collaborate and innovate with you.

And, because we trust you to overdeliver for our clients, we have compensation structures that can rapidly rise to reflect the value you’re bringing.


The kind of people we’re looking for

If you’ve already got experience in programmatic trading, that’s the first thing. And there are other qualities that successful traders at MiQ all share.

First, you’re ambitious: you want to learn, grow, and accelerate your career. Second, you like getting stuck in – our traders don’t work in a silo, so you’ll enjoy talking to clients and understanding their problems, then working with a whole team of data scientists, analysts, and client services people to solve them.

And most of all, you’re excited about being at the forefront of technology in an industry that’s shaping the way the whole world connects.

Four reasons to make MiQ your next move


You can get your hands on more data and use it more creatively than anywhere else.


You get to collaborate with a team of incredibly smart people who will respect what you bring to the table.


You’re the heart of the business, connecting with everyone – clients, analysts, sales teams, and more – to deliver on our business mission to be programmatic leaders.


The opportunity for growth is huge – you’ll learn more, take on more responsibilities, and get better rewards here than anywhere else.

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