Early careers program

The next generation of
programmatic experts

What if you could discover the world of programmatic media and get a jump start on your career? MiQ wants to give you that chance by inviting our future programmatic professionals (you!) to join our early career program.


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The opportunity:


Programmatic Fellowship


If you are ready to start a career in account management, programmatic trading, or sales strategy then our 10-week Programmatic Fellowship is the perfect fit. This full-time paid program is offered during the summer and offers on-the-job learning, professional development, and team-building events. You’ll learn about the industry and really get hands-on experiences on what it feels like to be a MiQer. We’re always hiring and we go to our former Fellows when roles become available. We strive to create the next generation of programmatic experts to lead the way as the industry expands.

You’ve got questions? We got you covered.

When does the program run?

Each region will have a specific schedule. Click here to find your local programs.

Who can apply? How do I apply?

Find all the opportunities here on our website.

What is the interview process for MiQ’s Early career program?

The interview process for our Early career program provides applicants the chance to share about themselves and their previous experiences as well as demonstrating to us their skills.

Are the programs virtual/remote?

The Fellowship program is not a virtual experience. Although some of the Fellowship experience is completed remotely, Fellows are expected to collaborate and interact with valuable stakeholders in the office based on regional and team needs. Fellows must be located within a two-hour drive of their assigned office.

Are the programs paid?

Yes! Fellows receive competitive hourly compensation.

Who are some of MiQ’s clients?

MiQ works with clients across industries, ranging from boutique companies, to public entities, to the biggest brands in the world. We have worked with the likes of Dell, American Airlines, Subway, LG, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Marriott, Hilton, Nike, Abercombie and Fitch, DaVita, and Wendy’s.

What kind of projects do Fellows work on?

The projects our Fellows take depends on which track (Sales, Account Management, Programmatic Trading) they’re selected into. For more details, ask your local Talent team.

Are there certain skills or academic backgrounds required?

No. Our programs are designed to be effective regardless of your background knowledge. Individuals who demonstrate an interest and commitment to pursuing a career in programmatic advertising are particularly strong candidates.

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Peek inside the programs

Our early career program participants really love us! We chatted with two graduates, who now work here at MiQ, to hear what they learned and how the program shaped their careers.