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Serving up Advanced TV and incrementality


How we helped Subway drive incremental reach and balance their message frequency using connected TV and digital channels.

Discover how we did it.


Incremental reach



Subway was looking to optimize their TV strategy by tapping into rich, connected digital and linear TV data. The objectives were three-fold:

  • Increase the linear TV campaign reach by targeting cord-cutter audiences.
  • Increase the frequency of ads shown to consumers under-exposed on linear TV.
  • Re-engage audiences who were served TV ads with digital messaging to drive action.



  • First, to drive incremental reach we used Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) data to segment households that were exposed to the linear TV campaign and those who had not been exposed.
  • Next, we targeted non-exposed households with a Subway ad on connected TV.
  • We balanced frequency by targeting ‘light TV viewers’ and cord cutters more heavily than ‘heavy TV viewers.’
  • Finally, we looked at historical data from collected device ID’s of consumers who had visited a Subway location. We re-engaged audiences by delivering digital messaging and mobile ads to Canadians who had been exposed to the Subway TV campaign and/or visited a Subway location. 


We extended Subways linear TV reach by an incremental 11.5% with Connected TV audiences. 

By delivering an Advanced TV solution, MiQ more than tripled message frequency against ‘light TV’ viewers by serving them ads on Connected TV, reaching the audiences that Subway would have otherwise missed, while not oversaturating ‘heavy TV’ viewers.

  • +11.5% incremental reach
  • 46% were exclusively reached via connected TV
  • 3.4% increase in message frequency to ‘light TV’ viewers

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