President’s Club @ MiQ: Shamika Salvi 2023

President’s Club is the pioneer employee recognition program for sales superstars in the MiQ Canadian market. We are excited to recognize and celebrate those who have gone above and beyond to achieve great results.


The programmatic landscape in Canada is truly unique. What led to your career in sales and choosing MiQ Canada?

Canada’s programmatic landscape, with its distinctive characteristics and evolving nature, presented an exciting opportunity to thrive in an environment that values creativity, adaptability, and cutting-edge technology. Keen to work in the programmatic space I was closely following the industry players and found MiQ Canada to be a standout choice. MiQ’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of programmatic advertising, coupled with its reputation for fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation, resonated with me the most.

You are being recognized for outstanding sales achievements in 2023, what key moments were defining points of success for you?

2023 has been quite an exciting year for me as well as the Western Canada Pod. There were several key moments we experienced this year. First and foremost, we secured transformative partnerships with key partners marking a pivotal milestone and further strengthen our relationship with them.

Our team growth was the exponential. Witnessing our team expand at such a remarkable pace was not only a testament to the collective dedication and hard work of each team member but also a clear indicator of the exciting opportunities that lie ahead of us. Active participation in mentoring and collaborating with the team was immensely fulfilling. Contributing to their development, sharing insights, and fostering a collaborative environment not only elevated team morale but also led to collective achievements that exceeded initial expectations.

Sales in tech has undergone several major shifts in recent years, what are some major challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Navigating through the major shifts has been a rollercoaster lately. One big challenge is keeping up with the ever-changing tech landscape and fast-paced evolution of technology and understanding how new developments impact client needs has been a continuous learning curve.

Another challenge we constantly face is standing out in a competitive landscape, emphasizing unique selling points, showcasing a deep understanding of client pain points, and illustrating how our solutions provide distinctive value in a crowded market

What is your philosophy toward achieving your goals?

My philosophy toward achieving goals is grit, strategy, and a dash of flexibility. I believe in setting ambitious yet realistic objectives that serve as a roadmap for my professional journey. These goals are not just endpoints but milestones that mark progress and guide my efforts.

There’s no substitute for hard work and persistence. Challenges will pop up like unexpected potholes, but if one is willing to grind it out, you can power through. I strongly believe in the power of continuous learning along with a pinch of resilience. There will always be setbacks and curveballs, but persistence is key

On a lighter note, how do you spend your time when you’re not busy breaking sales records?

I love to unwind and pursue activities like binge watching my favourite sit-coms or catching up with friends for a board game night.

I also enjoy a peaceful meditation helping me focus on rejuvenate.

Overall, I believe in the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance as I also recognize the significance of personal well-being and the positive impact it has on overall performance and satisfaction.


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